In light of the current COVID-19 situation, CommunikidsMiami has expanded services to include teletherapy sessions. When addressing cases with young children or those with more involved conditions, we will work together to implement strategies that will assist in the development of your child’s communication skills. You will be able to use these strategies on a daily basis, which can significantly improve speech and language outcomes.

Teletherapy Details

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the use of videoconferencing technology to provide speech-language therapy services at a distance by connecting clinician to client. It is done using a secure platform that is HIPPA compliant.

Is teletherapy as effective as traditional therapy?

Online therapy can effectively treat a wide range of patients of various ages and disorders.

Is teletherapy appropriate for my young child?

For toddlers and young children, speech and language therapy usually focus on having a lot of parent education and modeling. Teletherapy is no different for this population. The Speech-Language Pathologist will use a collaborative approach to guiding you in the use of therapy strategies aimed at engaging your child and enhancing his/her communication skills in the natural environment.

Is it necessary for the parents to attend each session?

Parents/caregivers are an important part of therapy, especially for toddlers. Each session should have at least one parent or caregiver present. The Speech-Language Pathologist will provide the necessary support for parents to feel comfortable participating in therapy with their child. As time goes by, parents tend to feel assured about therapy progress and become apt to apply the techniques and strategies outside the therapy session.

What are your strategies for incorporating teletherapy into your treatments?

Teletherapy employs live video streaming to simulate an in-person environment, complete with immersive games and activities. Since using technology can be very empowering, many children react well to teletherapy. In addition, through teletherapy caregivers and therapists can combine toys and games that the child has at home. Using things that the child can use on a regular basis can aid in skill transfer outside of therapy sessions.

Is your child falling behind in school?

Is your child is finding difficulty recounting past events?

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